a note from sbudz to our community.


Stepping out of one's comfort  zone is a challenge for all of us.  I did this when I decided to run for Mr Phoenix Leather early this year- it challenged me to be able to stand in front of a crowd as a leather boy, it challenged me to accept my body and all of its successes and faults, it challenged me to step up and out into the community, and it challenged me to not accept mediocrity for life.  I need to be challenged and to grow and to achieve. I feel that I have accomplished all but one of the above challenges.


I recently was presented with  a career opportunity that is too great to pass on.  So it is with very heavy heart, a heart that is very conflicted, that I will be moving from my Phoenix home...BUT MY HEART WILL NEVER LEAVE, as I am a Phoenician through and through.  I love my community and my brothers and my family dearly.



I love you Phoenix.  I love you mom and dad.  I love you Phoenix boys of Leather.  I love you James. I love you...

I look forward to my final days here in the Valley of the Sun, and will cherish every moment that I get to spend with you.  I will see you soon!





Our new year is just beginning!

Please join us in our journey!



“No man is an island”


When we became successful, we usually achieve that because someone has helped us. Our success as your Mr and Ms Phoenix Leather 2019 title holders was greatly influenced by multiple organizations, community members, opportunities the Phoenix community gave us, and our history. We are confident that our success is your success. Thank you for your education, support, and investment in us. We plan to use this title to continue to grow and invest the same amount of energy bestowed upon us back to our leather community.


In service,


Mr and Ms Phoenix Leather 2019


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